This Is How A Workplace Becomes Hell For Employees!

You will find many great multinational companies in the world where the sex ratio of women employees is less than 10%, but still many women are facing the problem of harassment. Well, there are many reasons behind the harassment such as conservative thinking too. Harassment of men in the workplace has already risen to 7% and guesses what you could be a perpetrator too, so stay always safe.  Have you ever heard about the serenity nlp before? If no, then you must check out some facts about it online that will allow you to understand more details of office harassment.

Serenity NLP at workplace!

There was an employer known as Sandra Wellock who wrote about a person who used to make people fool that he is expert in NLP. Actually, that employer was afraid for her safety and fear that she world come to harm if she were to put her name on the page where she was going to disclose something about the harassment which she was facing at her workplace.  In addition to this, harassment could include cruel practical jokes or even many other activities that may create problems for the people. 


Well, it also varies person to person that how he or she will handle harassment. If the victim takes any step then there would be some chances that he or she can kick out that person who is creating issues for everyone in the office. Otherwise, it depend on the atmosphere of the workplace, so if everyone has small thinking then you should simply change the office because you cannot change the whole staff. It would be really valuable for you to observe the atmosphere of the office before making any decision of becoming member of the office.