Sumac – use it as a spicy ingredient or for as a flavor enhancer.

Most of the people, when thinking about the sumac they immediately consider it as poisonous sumac. But, before using sumac spice, you have to be very much clear about the difference that sumac spice is grown form the different plant or poisonous sumac form the different one, they just belong to the same plant family. Sumac spice is used for the kitchen purpose as if you are a good cook or fond of cooking the different dishes daily; then you should check out sumac details.

Sumac spice is not only used as an ingredient to mix in the fried food, but also there are many more uses of it as it can be used to garnish the dish, or for the salad dressing or make the dish more fruity and flavored. Sumac spice is just similar to the salt that gives provides an extra taste and also eligible to provide the fragrance to the dish.

Cooking with sumac

  • Sumac spice is picked from the garden berries; when berries crushed out, it comes out into a powder form that used for the making if any dish. Some people like to use the dried sumac as it easy to keep in the kitchen, or it doesn’t need the proper coverage or temperature.   
  • Sumac can also mix with any type of food if even it would be a spicy one or a simple one. If a person likes the light food, then sumac helps to provide the proper taste and flavor to the dish.
  • Most of the people are not using onion for their dishes, so they recommend for the sumac spice that is the best alternate of the onion and also used as a fried form.