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We would have seen several models who have been best in their body shape when they are very active in fitness industry and then became pale once they have crossed certain age. Also, we would have seen models who have grown a hefty body though they were very lean when they entered industry with a goal of being a top model. Such things usually happen because with eagerness to become a model they would believe in every option they come across their way to build muscles and become strong.

However, this would lead them to a situation where their body would go out of shape and they would soon become unfit for industry. Though they could manage it with such steroids that give side effects which would run the show only for a short period.

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You could with pride let others know what sort of products you are using to become so strong. When you have muscles you would have enough freedom to choose dressing style. Of course, you would also be given an opportunity to act in those advertisements that are targeted around building muscles. You might become brand ambassador for health drinks.

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