Know about the relation between genetics, body mass and diet

Why do you think you would gain back the weight that is reduced by working through a highly intensive exercise plan that is designed for you by your personal trainer? The personal trainer would only know your physical health condition based on the information that is provided by you. He or she would rarely have the information about the hormone problems within your body about which even you have very minimal information. Unless you visit the doctor and undergo the tests the hormone problem is never diagnosed and hence you would never know about it.

Hence, the moment you notice you have increased your weight do not start on rigorous exercise plan as it might not help the situation but would rather worse the situation. For this situation a solution is the cinderella diet by Carly Donovan. Yes, this solution would give unexpected and mind-blowing results, but this happens only after you follow everything as is asked by this program. Every single recipe would equally help you control your hormones without having to use any sort of medicines.
You would be able to do every exercise that is explained through each video in an easy way. All these exercises are finalized only after thorough analysis on the genetics. The extensive study has been conducted on how the body mass index varies with the intake of food and it has been a proven fact that the hormones in women would not support them to show the desired BMI. So, keeping in view all these aspects the solution has been developed which is being followed by several women. The impact of this process or solution would remain for a long time to go and hence even though you do not follow this process for a week during your vacation you do not have to worry at all.